Table Tent Frequently Asked Questions

Table Tent Frequently Asked Questions

Table Tent Frequently Asked Questions

What is a table tent?

A table tent is a printed piece of thick paper stock folded into a shape that is self-standing for use as a counter or table top display. It is frequently used at a point of sale to promote product offerings, business services or specials. They are commonly found on restaurant tables to highlight certain meals, desserts, drinks or specials and on desks or counters in other businesses to promote services, events or special offers. They are also sometimes referred to as table talkers or tent cards.

What are the standard table tent formats?

The three standard formats we use are the a-frame, standing triangle and pyramid. These cover most common uses, but we can make custom designed table tents to met your specifications.

What are standard table tent sizes?

The standard sizes for an a-frame are 4" x 6" panels, 5" x 6.5" panels and 8" x 4" panels.
The standard sizes for triangles are 4" x 4" panels, 6" x 4" panels and 8" x 4" panels.
The standard pyramid tent sizes are diagonals of 3.4" with a 3.9" base, 4.25" with a 5.1" base and 5" with a 5.7" base.

What paper stocks can table tents be made out of?

120# Gloss Cover is the most commonly used paper, but 120# Dull/Matte Cover, 100# Uncoated Cover and many recycled, specialty papers, and more durable synthetic stocks are available.

What custom printing options work on table tents?

You can get die cutting, embossing, foil stamping, Pantone or metallic inks, and UV coating to name a few commonly used options. Use one of these to make your table tent more visible and impactful.

How are table tents assembled?

Some are made with die cut slits that are inserted together to create the finished tent. Others use glue applied with a glue stick or adhesive strip for assembly. They are usually shipped flat to prevent damage during shipping and assembled at their final destination.

Do you have design templates for the different formats?

Yes, we have templates available for all the styles with detailed instructions to help you layout your graphic files.

Can you help me design a table tent for my business?

Yes, we have experienced designers that will work one-on-one with you to get the best possible table tent for your marketing needs.